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Karachi Violence Clamis 2 People Lives

Two people were killed, in the ongoing incidents of violence and target killing in Karachi. Police arrested the suspected culprits in a target operation in the areas of Essa Nagri and Purani Sabzimandi.

police karachiUnidentified people kidnapped a youngster, shot him dead and fled away after leaving behind his body near Mirza Adam Khan road in the area of Lyari, within the limits of Kalri Police Station.

Another person was killed after being shot at by an unknown person, in the area of Banaras Colony. The body was sent to the Civil hospital, where angry protestors took the body with them before any legal action could be taken.

Meanwhile, a bandit was killed in a police encounter on Friday night within the limits of Sharae Noor Jehan Police Station. After sustaining injuries from the encounter, the bandit was sent to the Civil hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Unknown people fled away with the body before any legal proceedings could be initiated.

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