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Rs 2.6 Million looted in another bank Heist in the City

Few equipped thieves seized Rs. 2.6 million from bank within three minutes and left away without any trouble in Karachi.

bank robberyBank break-ins have become a common criminal activity in the city and during last four equipped break-ins, thieves seized over 8.1 million rupees from different banks and yet none has been taken by the cops.

This newest bank theft took position with help of a recently hired protection officer in branch at Phase-VI of Defense Housing Society on Friday.

Just three days ago, a private security company deployed guard Sarfraz in this branch of the bank in posh area of the city.

thieves took just three minutes to rob rupees 2.6 million from the bank with help of protection officer, Sarfraz, and left away very perfectly. The thieves also took CCTV footage of bank’s cameras with them.

Earlier on Jan 4, thieves looted 1.839 million rupees from a financial institution division in Lasbela. After that a personal financial institution was scammed out of 2.327 on Jan 15 in Pirabad.

The third financial institution theft took position on Feb in PECHS, from where thieves looted 1.430 thousand rupees and runaway without any difficulty. SAMAA

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  1. […] was the second bank heist in Defense, as on Feb 22 bandits took away Rs2.5 million from a Soneri Bank division in DHA within the remit of the Da…. Both heists took position on a […]

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