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18 more dengue cases confirmed in Karachi

Atleast 18 more dengue cases were confirmed in Karachi on Monday during the past 24 hours.

Sources report that more than 200 dengue victims have been reported this week in both government and private hospitals whereas the patients’ toll affected by the deadly virus has reached to 2400 in the ongoing year.

Besides this six people have died in the metropolis as a result of the disease.

On the other hand, spray campaign for the prevention of dengue has yet not initiated by Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

According to official figures, the first case of dengue fever in the Sindh province appeared in Karachi in 1994 when 145 cases were confirmed and one death was reported.

Ever since the disease continued to heighten until 2005, atleast 258 cases were recorded out of which 16 died. The year 2006 was the deadliest year in which 49 out of 1,500 patients fell prey to the disease and died. Besides this during the next two years over 931 cases were confirmed out of which 20 people lost their lives. Since 2009, 94 people have died out of more than 12,000 confirmed cases.

Lethal dengue fever in Rawalpindi has also got out of control as the number of patients related to the disease has reached near 2000 raising fears of an uncontrollable dengue outbreak.

As many as 51 patients were admitted in several hospitals a day before whereas eight have fallen prey to the disease.

Six days earlier, over 160 cases surfaced in the metropolis, raising the number of such patients.

Meanwhile, dengue virus in Multan has also intensified as atleast 273 patients have been admitted in various government hospitals among which 128 have been confirmed of having the virus.

Incumbent Health Ministry revealed that uncontrolled dengue virus has targeted dozens of people so far whereas more cases are also likely to be surfaced.

The local government has strictly directed people to take precautionary measures to restrict further number of patients.

Anti-dengue campaign was also launched in Punjab but no significant results were taken. Keeping in view the currentdengue outbreak, ministers have geared up and have started preparing further strategies in this regard.

There is no treatment for dengue, which causes symptoms including fever, severe joint pain, headaches and bleeding.

About half the world’s population is at risk from the mosquito-borne disease, which sickens about 100 million people every year, mostly in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

People have been advised to use mosquito nets and insect repellents and to avoid storing water in open pots where the larvae can breed.

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