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At least 300 security cameras installed in Karachi for Muharram processions

KARACHI: At least 300 security cameras have been installed on passages through which mourning processions will pass in connection with Muharram.

At least three command and control rooms have been established to monitor the happenings all the time. Rangers, Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS), Sindh Police and sniffing dogs will take part in security maintenance.

However, cameras will assist personnel on identifying suspects. The development has come in after police and district government collaborated and vowed to protect lives and properties of the locals during Muharram.

Administration said that at least 75 cameras are being operated by private companies while as many as 250 cameras by the city district government and the Sindh Police.

On the other hand in Peshawar, it has been reported that more than 6,000 energy saver bulbs that were purchased in 2014 for Muharram are missing. The store room has not a single bulb in place out of a stock worth lacs of rupees.

After Muharram 2014, the bulbs were shifted to government storage. Adding to the loss, rains in the past week have damaged another 1,000 bulbs installed in streets. As of now, the stock has only 900 lights available.

The administration has spent lacs of rupees again to buy 6,000 bulbs ahead of Muharram on emergency basis. However, no one has any record of the government material lost.

It should be mentioned here that there are at least 65 Imam bargas in Peshawar. The gatherings have started in centres since Monday night. District Vice-Nazim Qasim Ali Shah said that the district administration is not responsible for the material lost.

Town One’s Nazim Zahid Nadeem was also approached but he declined to comment.

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