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Nine more lost Lives in New Wave of Violence

Violence continued in different areas of Karachi on Friday, claiming lives of nine more people, including workers of political parties. Police said the firing incidents took place in Esa Nagri, Baldia Town, Saeed Abad and Nazimabad areas where seven people were shot dead in drive-by attacks. Two dead bodies were recovered from Shershah area. Karachi, home to 18 million people, is the financial capital of Pakistan but has been plagued by violent crime. The politically and religiously motivated violence claimed more than 1700 lives in 2012 in Karachi.

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If caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, pick Karachi’s coast to get away

In a city where there is little peace on land, a few minutes on the seabed can be a near spiritual experience. Karachi is at its most spectacular underwater but for most of its inhabitants this realm remains largely undiscovered. In 2009, Pakistan’s first Professional Association of Diving Instructors (Padi) – certified dive centre, Indus Scuba, opened up. Padi is the world’s largest diver training organisation and dates to the 1960s. The diving instructor at Indus Scuba, Aatif Malik, is passionate about bringing the sport closer to people. After diving…

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Karachi is at high Risk from Sea-Level Rise

The city of Karachi is at high risk from sea-level rise, an Asian Development Bank (ADB) report titled ‘Addressing Climate Change and Migration in Asia and the Pacific’ warned.  The mega city of Karachi in Pakistan is at high risk from sea-level rise, prolonged cyclonic activity, and greater salt-water intrusion, it said. The ADB report said: “Environmental harm due to sea-level rise in association with storm surge impacts will be significant in both the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, where cyclonic activity is projected to intensify. The delta…

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7th All Pakistan Declamation Contest held at St Patrick’s

We are all the pupils of time, said Abdul Nafay Siddiqui, a student, as he raised his fist and volume at the 7th All Pakistan Declamation Contest held at St Patrick’s High School. “Time is about living not dying.” Siddiqui did not win but a girl from his school, Hafsa Sarwar, bagged the top slot with prizes such as a return ticket to London and an iPod Nano. Sarwar and Siddiqui are currently enrolled at the Generation School. St Michael’s Convent School’s Arvin Anoop came in second while Zineerah Saleem…

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