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Karachiites Celebrate Valentine Day in their Own Style

Karachiites know how have fun with when it’s a chance to have fun, though they rarely get possibilities to take it easy to the hilt. Over the decades their minutes of pleasure have become progressively brief lived, for no mistake of theirs. This Valentines Day is no exemption. It is one of those periods when the air in the town is not loaded with gunpowder but with really like. Valentine’s Day in Karachi begins practically 24 hours before the actual day. Flower-sellers swarm every important traffic signal, especially in district…

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Kids Say Happy Birthday to Loin at Karachi Zoo

A lot of kids and women showed up in at the Karachi zoo to enjoy the yearly ‘zoo day’ and the birthday parties of Raju the lion,who turned 20,and Gudu the Bactrian camel, who became a year old on Sunday. A cake was cut near Raju’s cage to enjoy his Twentieth birthday. The regular age of a lion in captivity is between 16 and 20 years and Raju has spent over a decade and a half in the facility. He has almost finished his regular life-cycle, but he looks young…

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Another 40-Feet Long Shark caught of Karachi Beach

Sea professionals have raised issues over the loss of life of a juvenile whale shark unintentionally captured off Charna Isle on Thursday afternoon and then delivered to the Karachi Fish Harbor on Friday morning. According to preliminary reports, the 14-foot-long whale shark is between three and four loads. Known to be a slow-moving plankton-eating shark, the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the biggest residing varieties of fish and is extremely docile. It has been detailed as ‘vulnerable’ by the Worldwide Partnership for Efficiency of Characteristics and is involved in ‘Appendix…

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Fashion at blaze at Karachi Fashion Week

The befitting venue of the Expo Center is ready to do business as local developers, style producers and producers desperately eye potential international customers while introducing their selections at it all version of the three-day Karachi Fashion Weeks time slam that is on from Jan 27 to29. Around 25 reveals will be put forth featuring as many designers, some of them big titles of the market such as Munib Nawaz and Usman Dittu with newbies, besides a special display that will recognize the participation made to the style market by…

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Ecological hazard: KPT’s Deep Sea Port Venture lands in legal waters

The strong sea package terminal may play a role considerably to the national exchequer but the megaproject will cause far more damage to the ecosystem and atmosphere of the Clifton seaside. Concerned about the environmental impact of the under-construction slot, a beachgoer has taken the slot regulators to Sindh High Court. Abdul Jabbar Khan, who lifestyles in an residence complicated at the seaside, statements in his case that the fundamental rights of the community, particularly Karachiites, will be breached due to the encroachment of the Clifton seaside. Clifton is the…

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Shortage of Gas hits Residential Localities

Residents of many areas in Karachi have been experiencing a severe shortage of gas for the past several days as gas pressure in stoves and geysers has reduced to the lowest if it has not altogether gone. Residents of Bahadurabad, PECHS, phases V, VI, VII of Defence Housing Authority and Nazimabad have complained  about the problem while the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has also admitted that they are finding it difficult to maintain the supply. “For Karachi we are getting maximum 950 to 1,166 millions of cubic feet per…

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Quality Prose Rendition, Speeches kick off International Urdu Moot

The 5th International Urdu Conference began with thought-provoking speeches on Urdu literature in India and Pakistan and admirable prose rendition by Zia Mohyeddin in the Arts Council Karachi auditorium on Thursday. Two keynote speeches were made at the inaugural session of the four-day moot. Indian scholar Prof Shamim Hanafi spoke on Urdu literature in India. He said the concept of democracy was best manifested in the world of literature. Muslims in India did not speak or write in one language as Urdu was one of the 24 national languages spoken…

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Is It the Drone? Mysterious Plane Spotted Hovering over Central Jail

An apparently small-sized mysterious plane was spotted hovering over the central jail building here in the metropolis, late on Friday night. According to sources, a droning sound drew authorities’ and local residents’ attention and upon looking hard in the night sky it turned out to be a drone-like midget aircraft on the face of it. Drawing a blank the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) air traffic control tower denied giving permission to any such flight, the sources added. People in the neighbourhood, who themselves were panicked, were also unable to come…

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Transport Associations Declined to Reduce the fares of Diesel Vehicles,

Transport Associations declined to reduce the fares of diesel vehicles, despite Sindh transport ministry’s announcement to reduce fares on both CNG and Diesel vehicles. Transporters associations in Karachi have agreed to reduce fares of public transport buses following a considerable deduction in CNG prices last week.The decision came during a meeting between Sindh Transport Minister Akhtar Hussain Jadoon and representatives of transporters bodies at the minister’s office at Sindh Secretariat on Thursday. The delegation of Karachi Transport Ittehad(KTI) ,led by KTI chairman Irshad Hussain Bukhari ,also attended the meeting. In…

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Garbage in Karachi Karachi kee barye mai Karachi News Reports 

Garbage Getting Pilled up at the Streets of Karachi

Private sweepers hired out of desperation to collect the mounds of garbage that have piled up in Karachi have started burning it to cut corners. The crisis developed after the city sanitation staff stopped making the rounds over a week ago over unpaid salaries. Saddar and Lyari are particularly badly hit. “We don’t have enough budget to tackle our financial issues, including salaries,” said District Municipal Corporation South Administrator Muhammad Raeesi. “Lyari is Karachi’s only town with more employees than revenue.” Raeesi said that the finance department had cut 30%…

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