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Uth Records 2nd Season of Musical exploration

The much-awaited season 2 of “Uth Records” — a show that has gained nationwide recognition for showcasing young talent from Pakistan — has finally kicked off with a US-based Pakistani musician Jarar Malik. Experimenting with a diverse range of musical genres from pop to rock to R&B, Malik manages to bring a lot to the table. His song, “Bewafa” also features season one’s golden discovery Natasha Ejaz on backing vocals and audio mixing and one of the most dynamic yet underrated bass players Russell D’Souza. Malik’s “Bewafa” — a pop…

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Ost of Darma are the name of the Game These days

The burst of innovation in Pakistani television has kick-started a trend of focusing extensively on Original Sound Tracks (OSTs) and in the last few years, we have seen a number of OSTs that have become more popular than the dramas they were made for. For instance, many people heard and appreciated the OST of  Humsafar on YouTube before they even started watching the drama. The track hit a chord with the listeners because of Waqar Ali’s composition and Quratulain Balouch’s (QB) soulful vocals. After the phenomenal success of “Woh Humsafar Tha”,…

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40-Feet Long Shark in Karachi Fish Harbour Video Karachi News Reports Videos 

40-Feet Long Shark in Karachi Fish Harbour Video and Pictures

40-Feet Long Shark in Karachi Fish Harbour A 40-feet long Shark washed ashore near Karachi fisheries harbor authority. People make way towards Karachi Fisheries Harbor Authority to gawk at the magnificently enormous dead shark that washed ashore, earlier today. Authorities have been struggling, trying to untangle the humongous creature by hoisting it out thorough a crane. This is not the first time Karachi beach has welcomed such a massive fish carcass. Last September, a 25-feet long dead whale washed ashore Karachi beach attracting a large number of spectators. The fish…

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Yom-e-Hussain(a.s) 2012 At University of Karachi

Yom-e-Hussain Was held at university campus near admintration parking lot which is attended by hujatul islam Mulana Agha Jawad Naqvi here is a video and pictures report of that event Courtesy Youth Express Pakistan

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Video and Picture Report of Protest At Governor House

After a long protest of 14 hours Govt. accepted all the demands of protesters, Dharna is over now. Thousands momeneens offered the funeral prayers of Shaheed Askari Raza at Governor House. Shaheed will be buried to Wadi a Hussain Graveyard. Protest started from Ancholi and after a long rally to Governor house staged a long protest of 8 hours. After the long protest Govt. accepted the demands and launched an FIR against CID SSP Ch. Aslam and Orangzaib Farooqi.        

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Askari-Raza-along-with-leaders-of-Millat-e-Jafferia-moves-towards-artillery-police-station-for-his-voluntarily-arrest-du_001[1] Videos 

Askari raza killing video Report

Shia leader Askari Raza was on his vehicle accompanied with his friend Ali, who also received bullets where they were targeted in metropolitan city Karachi. Askari Raza got four bullets in his head and chest, while Ali received one bullet in his leg.After target killing attack both were shifted to Aga Khan Hospital in critical injured condition where a major operation of Mr. Askari conducted and was shifted to ventilator.Mr. Askari was the General Secretary of Pasban-e-Aza.  He was also imposed with fake FIR on 25th July 2011.Mr. Askari also…

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