Armed Robbery at Another DHA Bank

bank robbery

Equipped men stormed into a private bank in the Defence area on Friday and walked off with Rs3.5 million in this season’s fifth bank heist. Police said that six thieves came to the Habib Metropolitan Bank’s branch in Khayaban-i-Seher at about 11am. overpowered a bank guard outside the branch, snatched his repeater gun, while the remaining four entered the premises and held the staff and customers at gunpoint. They gathered money from cash counters and also went to the strong room to get more money. The thieves took nearly 10 min to finish their instant function. However, they left behind one of the motorcycles they had used to reach the bank and also threw the…

Rs 2.6 Million looted in another bank Heist in the City

bank robbery

Few equipped thieves seized Rs. 2.6 million from bank within three minutes and left away without any trouble in Karachi. Bank break-ins have become a common criminal activity in the city and during last four equipped break-ins, thieves seized over 8.1 million rupees from different banks and yet none has been taken by the cops. This newest bank theft took position with help of a recently hired protection officer in branch at Phase-VI of Defense Housing Society on Friday. Just three days ago, a private security company deployed guard Sarfraz in this branch of the bank in posh area of the city. thieves took just three minutes to rob rupees 2.6 million from the bank…

Police Foiled a Bank Robbery Attempt in Sakhi Hasan Area

police bank

Police on Friday foiled a bank robbery attempt in Karachi’s Sakhi Hasan area, with one of the robbers injured in firing and later arrested. SSP Latif Siddiqui said four armed men entered a private bank in Karachi’s Sakhi Hasan area. Suddenly, a police constable opened fire on the intruders. One of the bandits sustained a gunshot wound to his leg and was taken along by his cronies, Siddiqui said, adding that police arrested him later from a private hospital.

Rs3.5 Million has been Looted from a Bank in DHA


At least four armed culprits have robbed over Rs3.5 million from a private bank branch in Defence Housing Authority on Friday. The bank branch was situated at Khayaban Badar Road within the limits of Darakshan police station. They committed robbery at around 10:06am and managed to escape with the looted booty within ten minutes. SP Saddar Muhammad Farrukh said the robbers first snatched the weapons from the two security guards namely Mehboob and Raheel and later they held the staff members and customers hostage at gunpoint. The looted booty was worth Rs37,60,000. The robbers did not take the CCTV cameras at the bank with them while fleeing. Police have obtained the CCTV footage and initiated…

Guard involved in 9.5 Million bank Heist in Karachi


At least six dacoits looted a private bank in Karachi with inside help of a security guard. Police said the armed robbers barged into a private bank situated in PCHS Block 6 at Shahrah-e-Faisal and looted more than Rs9.5 million within 15 minutes. Officials and eyewitnesses said Najam, a bank guard who was hired just a month ago, was central character of the dacoity, assisting his five cronies in taking away the booty. He was said to be hailing from Parachinar area of the Kurram Agency. Meanwhile, CCTV footage of the bank robbery obtained and aired by SAMAA shows six armed men barging into the bank and holding the staff hostage on the gunpoint. Police…

Banks have insured assets


While police investigators claimed to have solved most bank robberies committed in the city this year, the threat that militant groups and criminal gangs used the heists to fund their activities remained a major cause for concern of the law-enforcement authorities, it emerged on Saturday. Thirteen branches of eight banks in the city have been robbed of more than Rs60 million since the year`s beginning. Having found clues to the involvement of a group of militants and at least two criminal gangs, the investigators believed that the metropolis still served as a source of funding for terrorist activities. Only last month the city witnessed three bank heists, including the one in a Nazimabad locality where…