Garbage Getting Pilled up at the Streets of Karachi

Garbage in Karachi

Private sweepers hired out of desperation to collect the mounds of garbage that have piled up in Karachi have started burning it to cut corners. The crisis developed after the city sanitation staff stopped making the rounds over a week ago over unpaid salaries. Saddar and Lyari are particularly badly hit. “We don’t have enough budget to tackle our financial issues, including salaries,” said District Municipal Corporation South Administrator Muhammad Raeesi. “Lyari is Karachi’s only town with more employees than revenue.” Raeesi said that the finance department had cut 30% of the town’s budget, as 10% is being given to the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation. “We are receiving just Rs25 million monthly but our salaries…

Karachi Circular Railway will start in 2017


The Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) project is expected to kick off around June-July in 2013 and while it is hoped that the task would be completed by May-June 2017, such mega projects take time as several factors need thorough study and investigation, stated Managing Director Karachi Urban Transport Corporation (KUTC) Aijaz Hussain Khilji. He said the rehabilitation of the affected people was his department’s utmost priority, adding that all civic facilities would be provided so that their standard of life could be raised. He also assured that there were no big hurdles in the path of the Karachi Circular Railway project. Khilji said that a topographic survey was also performed on all concerned locations, while…

Rick-Saaf is the Garbage Truck for Hard to Reach Places of karachi


The rick-saaf is a combination of a rickshaw and a garbage truck that can collect waste from those hard to reach places where the onus is generally left to the scavenger. “There used to be a time when we used to have daily door-to-door garbage collection where I live,” says entrepreneur Khayam Husain, “now we don’t even have a proper dumpster in my neighborhood. The closest one in Clifton Block 5 is on Mai Kolachi.” Husain’s own neighborhood and his work in Sindh’s flooded areas with the Karachi Relief Trust inspired him to find solutions for waste management. “A lot of our urban centres in Sindh are actually just slums because of the waste management…

KMC banned Weddings at Sports Complex

karachi complex

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has announced a ban on the holding of wedding ceremonies at the football ground and the swimming pool area of the Kashmir Sports Complex with effect from April 1. The decision was taken by Karachi Commissioner Matanat Ali Khan while presiding over a meeting of the relevant officials in his office, according to a press release. He also directed the katchi abadis department to take into custody the entire record of the Orangi Town project directorate and take steps for the regularisation of 95 specified katchi abadis of the area. PPI

Banaras Flyover’s both Track will be Open this Week


Both tracks of Banaras flyover, the biggest transportational flyover of the country raised at a cost of Rs 2 billion, will be opened for two way traffic in the current week whereas the remaining renovation of flyover, its adjoining roads and roundabouts will be completed within the stipulated time. Administrator Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) Muhammad Hussain Syed stated this on the occasion of his comprehensive visit to the Banaras flyover, Shahrah-e-Noorjehan and other ongoing development projects on Tuesday. He directed the concerned officials to finish the repair work and shifting of pipelines, passing beneath the Abdullah Girls College roundabout, within ten days. The administrator said that the completion of this flyover would provide convenience to…

KMC is like a Sleeping Bird Against Encroachments


The car dealers found on New MA Jinnah Road hamper the free flow of traffic by parking their vehicles on the road that extends from Islamia College to Jamshed Chowrangi flyover. Interestingly enough, instead of disallowing illegal parking, the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) has decided to bring the site under the charged parking net. The car dealers who routinely park their vehicles in double and triple lanes, are unafraid of any legal action that may be taken against them. As the encroachments occupy half the road, motorists have to face problems due to traffic jams during rush-hour each day. Some also lamented the impolite attitude of the traffic police. On the other hand, the car…