Pillion Riding Banned in Karachi till Chehlum

pillion riding

The Sindh government has banned pillion riding in Karachi till Thursday January 3 due to law and order situation in the city. The ban will be effective from 5 pm am Monday, according to notification issued by the home department. Senior citizens, journalists, women and personnel of law enforcement agencies have been exempted from the pillion-riding ban. Sources said the ban is also likely to be imposed in Hyderabad and Khairpur cities.

Pillion Riding ban for 3 days in Karachi

pillion riding

 Pillion riding will be been banned under Section 144 in Karachi from Ramazan 19 to Ramazan 22 (August 8 to August 11 ), . The martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (A.S) is marked on Ramazan 21 (August 10). Additionally, the government has also banned pillion riding in Hyderabad from Ramazan 20 to Ramazan 22 (August 9 to August 11). A ban has also been imposed on carrying weapons in public. Police in Lahore have also tightened their security plan for the Shia procession marking the martyrdom.

Karachi Teashops banned to open after 11PM


Following a ban on pillion riding in the metropolis, the city management has gone one step ahead by announcing to close down all restaurants at 11 PM to stem the tide of violence on the surge in the city. Cornered to wall and made helpless by the target killers, the city management, in its bid to contain the rampant violence, issued a notification to ban keeping restaurants open after midnight. However, the fact that all three incidents of firing at the city restaurants yesterday occurred prior to midnight, must shock the high-ups. Reacting to the announcement of ban on restaurants beyond midnight, citizens lambasted the government, saying death looms large on the city; but, the…