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Aangan Terha being staged in Arts Council from 8 Feb

A stage play based on the well-known 1980’s TV play Aangan Terha will be held from Feb 8 at the Arts Council Karachi auditorium. This was declared by author of the play Anwar Maqsood at a media meeting at the Arts Council on Thursday. The play would last for 90 days. He said the production was a tribute to the senior actors who served in the unique TV edition of Aangan Terha (Saleem Nasir, Shakeel, Bushra Ansari, Arshad Mahmood, Moin Akhtar and Durdana Butt) three decades back. He said it was…

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WSW 2012 Karachi kee barye mai Karachi News Reports 

World Space Week to be Observed in Karachi as Well

The World Space Week, an international celebration of the contribution that space science and technology makes to the betterment of the human condition, will also be marked in 10 cities of Pakistan including Karachi. This was stated by an official of the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco) here on Tuesday. It was pointed out that the United Nations has declared World Space Week as October 4-10 annually. It is celebrated in some 65 nations of the world including Pakistan. During WSW, events and educational programmes related to…

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motorcyclewheel Karachi News 

Govt Strapped for Cash in New Motorcycle Number Plate Remedy

If you want to get the new standardised registration plate for your motorcycle, you might have to wait. Because of a shortage of funds, the excise and taxation department is only issuing the plates to motorcycles being registered for the first time. The project to replace all number plates started earlier this year in a bid to curb crime. Motorcycles that are used by criminals often have no registration plates or customised ones, making it difficult to track down the vehicles and nab suspects.  “We planned to issue the standardised…

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Australian sheep Karachi kee barye mai Karachi News Reports 

Imported Australian Sheeps Cleared by National Veterinary Lab

National Veterinary Laboratory has cleared the imported Australian sheep today. Sindh Live Stock Department and Korentine both collected samples of imported sheep and sent to the National Veterinary Laboratory for examination. During this waiting period, rumors continued airing and future of the imported Australian sheep was not clear that they will be sent back or allowed to sell in local market. After clearance from the National Veterinary Laboratory this day now imported Australian sheep are confirmed to stay here and sold in local market. Earlier last week, a Pakistani company…

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dur been Karachi kee barye mai Karachi News Reports 

Star struck: In the city of lights, these people prefer the dark

Some people might still describe Karachi as the city of lights, but on Saturday night some of its residents discovered that more dazzling ones are dotted across the sky. The Karachi Astronomers’ Society organised an event at Zamzama Park to allow people to take a look at Saturn or get a glimpse of the moon like never before. “Seeing the Milky Way is a spiritual experience,” said Zain Ahmed, an active member of the group. “Everybody should take a peek behind the wasted curtain of the city. We’re lucky that…

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Kailash Kher and his band Kailasa done a Concert in Karachi

Karachiites were treated to a masterful display of Sufi, pop, fusion, film and semi-classical music by that accomplished Indian vocalist Kailash Kher and his band Kailasa at a concert organised by the Medical Aid Foundation at a hotel on Saturday. It was a little more than 90 minutes of pure, passionate music. Those who were there should be praised for having made the right decision on a sultry day. They swayed to lilting melodies and head-banged to thumping tabla and drum beats all along. Despite the late commencement of the…

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beggers Karachi News Reports 

500,000 beggars on the roads of Karachi

Underneath the Kala Pul, a cluster of clumsily built houses of all shapes and sizes scatter over a hill. The top end is inhabited by Muslims, the bottom Hindus; and together they form Chanesar Goth, an area infamous as a hub for crime. The locality is also known for housing one of the most established begging communities of the city, comprising mainly of Hindus. According to an estimate, about 500,000 beggars are currently stationed in the city. Although there are other settlements of beggars in areas such as Musa Colony,…

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paramedicals convention Karachi News Reports 

Training of paramedics in obstetrics stressed

Acknowledging the role of midwives and paramedics in the healthcare delivery system, participants in a special meeting on “mothers’ health” on Wednesday stressed the need for utilising their services at antenatal clinics and labour rooms, particularly in rural areas where the availability of lady doctors always remained a serious problem. The participants in the meeting, comprising gynaecologists, paramedical staffs, midwives and nurses, urged the government to ensure improvement in the working conditions of the health workers in question and their deployment across the country after proper training and exposure at…

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Oscar comes to Karachi

“We began screaming at the top of our voices when Melissa McCarthy started to say `Saving…`,” said Mahjabeen Obaid, recalling the moment when her sister, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy`s film was announced as the winner in the category of documentary short at the Oscars on Monday morning. The entire family, including three of her four sisters, younger brother, and aunts, was at her mother`s house in Karachi watching the live broadcast amidst nail-biting suspense. One sister is away at college in the US. “We`re all so proud of Sharmeen. She does what…

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kidnapping Karachi News Reports 

7,000 Children were Kidnapped Last Year

Around 7,000 children were kidnapped last year and of the total, a large number belonged to Karachi, a report published by the Human Rights Commission South Asia (HRCSA) highlighted, stating that kidnappings noticeably increased in 2011. Research of a hundred police stations of Karachi by the HRCSA showed that around 3,090 parents filed FIRs for lost children last year. Further classification by the HRCSA showed that the number of missing boys is around 2,500, whereas the number of girls is around 600, with their ages ranging between 11 and 12….

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