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rangers operation Karachi News 

Ranger Arrest 25 in Over night Search Opertaion

Ranger raided Jumma Goth place of Malir and caught 25 individuals here on Tuesday. According to resources, Ranger performed raid in Jumma Goth and while looking the homes, they curved up 25 individuals. During the operation, entry and exit points of the area were closed. Earlier, the rangers released raids in Macher coloney, close to Maripur Street and caught few suspects. The suspects are being interrogated. Meanwhile, the Ranger also performed raids in Naya Abad, Darya Abad and Memon Community areas of Lyari and taken a desired charged. However, Ranger…

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karachi police Karachi News 

Police and Rangers Arrest four Terrorists from Karachi

Cops and ranger have caught four terrorists of banned outfit from Manghopir and Nortehrn By-pass places and captured weaponry and explosives from their legal care. Pirabad Cops Place performed a raid in Manghpir area on sunday and caught two key terrorists, Qari Akhtar and Maiyam Mehsood, from there. Nine ball bombs, detonators, suicide jacket and other tools and explosives, used in terrorism activities, were recovered from custody of the arrested terrorists. The caught terrorists have revealed of eliminating three police authorities and polio associates in Ittehad Town. At the other…

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Arshad Pappu Karachi News 

Arshad Pappu killed with his Younger Siblings

Arshad Pappu, leader of a well known Lyari group, was murdered with one of his bros and a acquaintance in the crime-infested the southern part of neighborhood of the city, police said on Sunday. They said the body of Pappu, 41, his young sibling, Yasir Arafat, 36, and their acquaintance Juma Shera, also known as Shera Pathan, 26, were tossed by unknown murderers on the junkyard near Brohi Chowk, a small crowded area in the Kalakot position in the wee hours of Sunday. Eyewitnesses said that some citizens who spotted…

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LeJ arrested suspects arrest police Karachi News 

Tehreek-e-Taliban members arrested as Abbas Town Bombing Suspects

The Sindh police’s Crime Investigation Department caught three associates of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), who were supposedly involved in Abbas Town blast, during a targeted operation in Manghopir on Wed. According to the cops, the suspects, Shoaib Mehsud, Khalid Rehman Mehsud and Aurangzaib Mehsud, were arrested after the police was tipped off about their activities. SSP Fayyaz Khan informed media that a suicide jacket, two bombs, three hand grenades, a Kalashnikov, two TT pistols, a detonator, and some ball-bearings were seized from the hideout of the suspects. Some of the culprits…

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AAB-129-480x238[1] Karachi News 

KU awards 16 PhD ,MPhil degrees

Karachi University’s advanced studies and research awarded granted eight PhD and as many MPhil degrees to 16 learners on Tuesday. Those who were granted PhD degrees were Muhammad Mujtaba Ali (pharmacology), Tahir Hameedullah Khan (applied criminology), Lubina Abdi (chemistry HEJ), Najamur Rehman (pharmacognosy), Nuzhat Sultana (pharmacology), Tahira Mohsan Ali (food sciences and technology), Abida Anwar (biotechnology KIBGE), and Farukh Mansoor (chemistry). Researchers who were granted MPhil degrees were Hazrat Yusuf (applied chemistry), Mariam Munawar (chemistry HEJ), Muhammad Aetimadullah Khan (pharmacology), Syeda Tamkeen Fatima (molecular medicine), Nageena Gul (public administration), Asif…

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11409_349257701854077_953980833_n[1] Karachi News Reports 

Karachi University Students Organized Annual Book Fair

In an age when most people have given up the addiction of studying books, Karachi University’s (KU) vice-chancellor congratulated his students for organising a successful book fair. “We ignore the point that the reasons for a experienced and knowledge-based community is the addiction of studying books,” said Prof. Dr Mohammad Qaisar at the inauguration of a three-day book reasonable organized by the student-run Study Aid Project (Sap) on Tuesday. The book fair has more than 50 booths with around 300,000 books on stories, non-fiction and school. It will proceed until…

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karachi strike Karachi News 

Strike in Karachi over Clerics’ Killing

A strike was seen in Karachi on a call given sunni jamat against the continuous trend of sectarian murders on Friday. Vehicular traffic stayed unusual as public transport stayed off the roads. Markets, companies and educational institutions were closed. CNG stations were closed for 24 hours across the region due to the loadshedding management system. Incidents of rioting and gunfire were revealed in Guru Mandir area of the town where some protestors burnt off tires and obstructed the roads. Rioters blocked the National Highway near Quaidabad’s Murghi Khana area and…

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whale shark Karachi kee barye mai Karachi News Reports 

Another 40-Feet Long Shark caught of Karachi Beach

Sea professionals have raised issues over the loss of life of a juvenile whale shark unintentionally captured off Charna Isle on Thursday afternoon and then delivered to the Karachi Fish Harbor on Friday morning. According to preliminary reports, the 14-foot-long whale shark is between three and four loads. Known to be a slow-moving plankton-eating shark, the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the biggest residing varieties of fish and is extremely docile. It has been detailed as ‘vulnerable’ by the Worldwide Partnership for Efficiency of Characteristics and is involved in ‘Appendix…

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shoot Karachi News 

City claims 13 lives in 24 hours including 1 Shia men

Pakistan’s financial hub ongoing to hemorrhage at the arms of continual governmental assault and terrorism which stated 13 more lifes in 24 hours. Police said four bodys were discovered within just four hours, from 12am to 4am. Three bodies were tossed out from a moving car in Baldia Town beginning on wednesday within the remits of Mochko police station. Police said the sufferers – determined as Irfan, Jamal and Amjad – were kidnapped from Momin Abad place on Wed evening before being taken deceased. Another system was retrieved from Old…

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