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31 Rare Python Handed over to Karachi Zoo

The customs handed over 31 “imported” highly rare and endangered species of python to the Karachi Zoological garden on Sunday. The pythons captured a few days ago were given to zoo authorities for secure maintaining until the problem of their ‘import’ was resolved in next few days, said a traditions formal. The pythons handed over by airport customs chief Yaqoob Mako to KMC primary Mohammad Hussain Syed were moved to the Reptile House in the zoo and put on show. A high variety of creatures fans frequented the zoo to…

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KMC hopes to Lure Visitors by Building Underwater Tunnel

An underwater tunnel will be built inside the Clifton Aquarium to allow visitors to walk through the water tank and enjoy marine life up close, a senior official of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) said on Thursday. The decision came as the KMC is all set to reopen the city’s largest public aquarium. The Clifton Aquarium has remained closed for the last six years as authorities struggled to shore up the finances to run it, according to director-general of KMC’s parks and horticulture Niaz Soomro. The KMC has set aside…

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Safari Park to get Bengal tiger, African lion

Four new animals — a hippopotamus, an African lion, a Bengal tiger and a white lion — will be arriving at the zoo within the next few months, but most of them will be moved to Safari Park once their enclosures are completed. “We will be getting a white lion from France, a tiger and a hippopotamus from South Africa,” said Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Administrator Mohammad Hussain Syed while talking to the newsmen at the Karachi Zoological Garden. “Every few months you will be seeing an increase in animals…

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Pair of Ostriches began hatching their Eggs at Karachi Zoo

The pair of ostriches at the Karachi Zoological Garden is currently hatching their 10 eggs, and it is being expected that chicks would come out in the mid of May, says a press release of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation. Zookeepers say this is the first time it happened at the Karachi Zoo that ostrich was properly nurturing her eggs. Both male and female birds are busy hatching their eggs with care and passion. A panel of zoologists and doctors is there to take care of the big flightless birds. Security has…

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