Edhi Stopped from Supplying Rations and Food in Lyari


Renowned human rights activist Abdul Sattar Edhi has vehemently condemned the ongoing police operation in Lyari and demanded immediate withdrawal of forces from the area. He was speaking at a press conference with members of the civil society at the Karachi Press Club on Thursday.Edhi said that the law enforcement officials have barred his ambulances from entering Lyari, and he was also stopped from supplying food rations in the area, which has practically turned into a war-zone for the last seven days. “In my lifelong work, I was allowed to enter Gaza with humanitarian aid and was not even stopped by the Israeli forces, but here in my own city, I am being stopped from…

Rehman Malik say Lyari Operation has Ended

Rehman Malik

 After giving a 72-hour deadline to the criminal elements in Lyari, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Friday that the operation in Lyari has been ended. Speaking to media Malik said, “We cannot hold the entire area hostage because of mere four-five people. The police and Rangers have only surrounded the area, while the forces have been pulled out from Lyari.” The interior minister said that maximum electricity will be restored by evening, while telephone lines were restored around 6am in the morning. He said that electricity transformers which were destroyed because of the shelling will be reinstalled in the area, adding that the water supply which was disrupted will also be reconnected. He said that justice will…

Rs 5m Bullets used, Police devour Rs 0.4m Food Daily in Layri Operation


The ongoing Lyari operation has so far resulted in the loss of an SHO and seven personnel, while 20 others have also been killed. To add to the Sindh Government’s losses, the operation is proving to be a financial burden too, with daily costs running into hundreds of thousands of rupees. According to estimates, bullets worth Rs 5 million have been used, so far. For the operation, around 2,000 personnel have been deployed around Lee Market, Cheel Chowk and other surrounding areas. In order to keep the personnel fed, the per meal menu includes biryani with juice, qorma and roti with juice, or aloo gosht and roti with juice, at an approximate daily cost of Rs0.4 million….

A War Zone Named Lyari


For the last several days, the densely populated neighbourhood of Lyari has been resounding with endless volleys of gunfire. At times the sound of gunfire is interrupted by rocket-propelled grenades, forcing most residents to either remain indoors or run for life. Violence seems to have become a permanent feature of life in one of the oldest and most impoverished neighbourhoods in Karachi. In the latest round of bloodletting, security forces have squared off against gunmen and ‘gangsters’ following the murder of a seasoned Pakistan People’s Party activist on Thursday. A resident told this writer on Saturday that his locality had been without water and electricity since early Friday morning. Families had run short of food…