Video and Picture Report of Protest At Governor House


After a long protest of 14 hours Govt. accepted all the demands of protesters, Dharna is over now. Thousands momeneens offered the funeral prayers of Shaheed Askari Raza at Governor House. Shaheed will be buried to Wadi a Hussain Graveyard. Protest started from Ancholi and after a long rally to Governor house staged a long protest of 8 hours. After the long protest Govt. accepted the demands and launched an FIR against CID SSP Ch. Aslam and Orangzaib Farooqi.        

PJ protest ends after filing of FIR against CID Cheif

PJ protest

A protesting sit-in outside Sindh Governor House, staged by Pasban-e-Jafriya against the killing of their key leader Askari Raza, has at last come to an end after the authorities assured their demands would be met. Meanwhile, the agitators have left for Wadi-e-Hussain graveyard for burial of the deceased, According to details, the protesting sit-in, outside Sindh Governor House jointly staged by several Shiite organizations, lasted for no less than 10 hours against the killing of a key leader, Askari Raza and against the police. During the sit-in, a large number of protestors including women, children, elderly men and youth were sitting on the road of Governor House located in the heart of the city, defying…