Karachi Police Seize Illegally-Dug Gandhara Antiquities

Gandhara Antiquities

Authorities in Karachi have seized dozens of precious antiquities dating from Pakistan’s ancient Gandhara civilisation, illegally dug from the country’s restive northwest, officials said Friday. The haul included statues of Buddha, life-sized idols, bronze artefacts, utensils and decorative plaques, Qasim Ali Qasim, director of Sindh province archaeology department, told AFP. Police intercepted a flatbed truck in Karachi and found the antiquities from the 2,000-year-old civilisation hidden under plastic and wooden items, officials said. Senior police official Latif Siddiqui said the driver and cleaner of the truck had been arrested and an investigation was underway. Qasim said he believed the items had been dug up in Taliban-infested northwest Pakistan and brought to Karachi a piece or…

4000 botany books struck at Karachi Customs


The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland has appealed to the Pakistan government to release 4,000 botany textbooks, which have been held up at the Karachi Customs for a year. The books are supposed to be distributed to schools, universities and environmental groups across Afghanistan. Ian Hedge, from the Botanic Garden, said that a consignment of 10 tonnes of books arrived safely in Pakistan in February 2011. He told the Scotland BBC Radio that the books have been stuck since then because of bureaucratic and political difficulties between Afghanistan and Pakistan. “The books intend to help re-vivify academic life in Afghanistan and provide information about geography, ecology, climate and the need for conservation,” he said….

Sand and Silk—Textiles from Africa Held at Mohatta Palace Museum

Textiles from Africa

Vibrant ceremonial shawls and dyed textiles from Africa have been put up on display at the Mohatta Palace Museum as part of an exhibition, Sand and Silk—Textiles from Africa. These 30 to 40 textile samples are from the personal collection of John Gillow, who has spent three decades studying textiles. He has also written a number of books on the subject. Gillow, who hails from Cambridge, said that he was 17 years old when his interest developed in collecting textiles. “I roamed the bazaars of Istanbul and collected textiles, fur carpets and jewellery.” Gillow then travelled to Lebanon, Morocco and Syria in search of textiles and after graduating from university, he went to Iran, Afghanistan…