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Two Major Chup Tazia Processions in the City to End Mourning Period

The Ayyam-i-Aza, the mourning period in honour of the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), saw a peaceful end on Wednesday. Two major Chup Tazia processions were taken out in the city, the first after Fajr prayers and the second at Maghrib. The first procession, which was taken out from the Nishtar Park, departed after a majlis given by Allama Aoun Naqvi. He reminded the participants how Imam Hussain had suffered at the hands of Yazid, but still refused to bow down his head. While addressing the majlis, Naqvi said…

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9th muharram juloos Karachi News 

Chup Tazia Juloos on Feb 1

The deputy inspector general of police (traffic) has advised owners of vehicles wanting to participate in Chup Tazia processions to get stickers for their vehicles. The procession will be taken out on Feb 1 from Nishtar Park and will culminate at Hussainia Iranian in Kharadar. In a press release issued here on Saturday, the police said that the stickers would be issued between Jan 30 and Jan 31 from the office of the DIGP/traffic Karachi (traffic security branch) police headquarters, Garden. The stickers would be issued to vehicles of media,…

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